Chrono Cross Radical Dreamers
Dark Chronicle Time is changing
Disgaea Flower of Happiness
Dragon Quest VIII Heavenly Flight
Drakengard Route B Staff Roll
Drakengard 2 Hitori
Drakengard 2 Growing Wings
Kingdom Hearts Hikari
Kingdom Hearts 2 Passion
Legend of Mana Song of Mana
Persona 3 Brand New Days
Persona 4 Heaven
Ragnarok Online You and I
Rhapsodia Another World
Rogue Galaxy Dreaming My Way Home
Shadow Hearts Shadow Hearts
Shadow Hearts 2 Getsurenka
Star Ocean 3 Credits
Stella Deus Holy Spirit
Suikoden II (orrizonte) Currents
Suikoden III Exceeding Love
Tales of Destiny To be a Dream
Tales of Legendia TAO
Tales of Phantasia Yume wa Owaranai
Tales of Symphonia Starry Heavens
Tales of Symphonia Soshite Boku ni Dekiru Koto
Tales of the Abyss A Song
Wild Arms 4 I Look Up At The Sky
Wild Arms 5 Justice to Believe
Xenogears Stars of Tears
Xenogears Small Two of Piece
Xenosaga 1 Kokoro

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