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Fire Emblem Fates3DST-RPG2015 France
The 3rd BirthdayPSPA-RPG2010 France
Kingdom Hearts : 358 2 DaysDSA-RPG2009 France
Final Fantasy XPlayStation 2RPG2001 France
Final Fantasy XIIIPlayStation 3RPG2009 France
Kingdom HeartsPlayStation 2A-RPG2002 France
Shining SoulGBAA-RPG2002 France
NieRPlayStation 3A-RPG2010 France
Valkyria Chronicles RemasterPlayStation 4T-RPG2016 France
Atelier Rorona PlusPlayStation 3RPG2013 France
The Legend of Legacy3DSRPG2015 France
Final Fantasy Type 0 HDPlayStation 4A-RPG2015 France
Bravely Second3DSRPG2015 France
Persona Q : Shadow of the Tartarus3DSD-RPG2014 France
Project X Zone3DST-RPG2012 France
Mass EffectXBox 360A-RPG2007 France
Pokemon CrystalGame Boy ColorRPG2000 France
Nights of AzurePlayStation 4A-RPG2015 France
Odin SpherePlayStation 2A-RPG2007 France
Star Ocean : First DeparturePSPRPG2008 France
Xenoblade Chronicles XWii URPG2015 France
The Legend of Heroes : Trails of Cold SteelPlayStation 3RPG2013 France
Tactics Ogre : The Knight of LodisGBAT-RPG2001 USA
Castlevania : Harmony of DissonanceGBAA-RPG2002 France
Breath of Fire IIGBARPG2002 France
Zone of the Enders : The Fist of MarsGBARPG2001 France
Final Fantasy VIPlayStationRPG2002 France
XenobladeWiiRPG2010 France
La legende de ThorMegadriveA-RPG1994 France
Zelda : Link's AwakeningGame BoyADV-RPG1993 France
Final Fantasy Explorers3DSA-RPG2014 France
Bloodborne : Game Of The Year EditionPlayStation 4A-RPG2015 France
DrakengardPlayStation 2A-RPG2004 France
Super Robot Taisen Alpha GaidenPlayStationT-RPG2001 Japon
Fairy Fencer FPlayStation 3RPG2013 France
Rudora no HihouSNESRPG1996 Japon
Atelier RoronaPlayStation 3RPG2009 France
Mario and Luigi : Paper Jam Bros3DSA-RPG2015 France
Diablo IIIXBox 360A-RPG2013 France
Lost OdysseyXBox 360RPG2007 France
Baldur's Gate : Dark Alliance IIPlayStation 2A-RPG2004 France
The Witcher 2 : Assassins of KingsXBox 360RPG2012 France
Away : Shuffle DungeonDSA-RPG2008 France
Sacred 3XBox 360A-RPG2013 France
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles : Ring of FatesDSRPG2007 France
Summon Night : Swordcraft StoryGBARPG2003 USA
Valkyrie Profile 2PlayStation 2RPG2006 France
.Hack QUARANTINE Part 4PlayStation 2A-RPG2004 France
.Hack OUTBREAK Part 3PlayStation 2A-RPG2004 France
Tales of ZestiriaPlayStation 4RPG2015 France


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