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Castlevania : Aria of SorrowGBAA-RPG2003 France
Mass Effect 2XBox 360C-RPG2010 France
NieR AutomataPlayStation 4A-RPG2017 France
Persona 5PlayStation 4RPG2016 France
Tales of BerseriaPlayStation 4RPG2016 France
Zelda : Breath of the WildSwitchADV-RPG2017 France
Summon Night : Swordcraft Story 2GBARPG2004 USA
Cosmic Star HeroinePCRPG2017 France
Dragon Ball Fusions3DSRPG2016 France
Horizon : Zero DawnPlayStation 4A-RPG2017 France
The Legend of Heroes : Trails of Cold Steel IIPlayStation 3RPG2014 France
Tales of ZestiriaPlayStation 4RPG2015 France
Deus Ex : Mankind DividedPlayStation 4F-RPG2016 France
FalloutPCC-RPG1997 France
Mass EffectXBox 360C-RPG2007 France
Mass Effect : AndromedaPCC-RPG2017 France
Rhapsody : A Musical AdventurePlayStationT-RPG1998 USA
Final Fantasy Explorers3DSA-RPG2014 France
Star Ocean 5 : Integrity and FaithlessnessPlayStation 4RPG2016 France
Neptunia Re Birth 3 : V CenturyPS VitaRPG2014 France
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re:Birth 2PS VitaRPG2014 France
Final Fantasy X X-2 HD RemasterPlayStation 3RPG2013 France
Persona 4 The GoldenPS VitaD-RPG2012 France
Dragon's CrownPlayStation 3A-RPG2012 France
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re:Birth 1PS VitaRPG2013 France
Rogue GalaxyPSNRPG2015 France
South Park : The Stick of TruthPlayStation 3RPG2014 France
Wild Arms 3PSNRPG2016 France
Fate ExtraPSPD-RPG2010 France
Hyperdimension Idol Neptunia PPPS VitaInclassable2013 France
Legend of ForesiaPlayStationA-RPG1999 France
World of Final FantasyPlayStation 4RPG2016 France
Dragon Age : InquisitionPlayStation 4C-RPG2014 France
Fire Emblem : Shadow DragonDST-RPG2008 France
Pokemon Soleil3DSRPG2016 France
Final Fantasy XVPlayStation 4A-RPG2016 France
The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt Edition Game of the Yea ...PlayStation 4C-RPG2016 France
From the AbyssDSA-RPG2008 France
Tales of Hearts RPSNRPG2013 France
Tales of Hearts RPS VitaRPG2013 France
Bravely Default : For the Sequel3DSRPG2013 France
Zelda : Majora's Mask 3D3DSA-RPG2015 France
Zelda : The Wind WakerGame CubeADV-RPG2003 France
Dragon Quest VIII3DSRPG2015 France
Deus Ex : Human RevolutionXBox 360F-RPG2011 France
Fire Emblem : Awakening3DST-RPG2012 France
Ys : Memories of CelcetaPS VitaA-RPG2012 France
Mother 2SNESRPG1994 USA
The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time 3D3DSADV-RPG2011 France
.Hack INFECTION Part 1PlayStation 2A-RPG2004 France


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