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Abyss OdysseyACE TeamA-RPG2014
Abyss Odyssey : Extended Dream EditionACE TeamA-RPG2015
Agarest : Generations of War 2Compile HeartRPG2012
Agarest : Generations of War ZeroCompile HeartT-RPG2012
All Zombies Must DieDoublesix GamesA-RPG2012
AlundraMatrix SoftwareADV-RPG2010
ApotheonAlienTrap GamesA-RPG2014
Ar no Surge PlusGustRPG2014
Arc : le Clan des DeimosCattle CallT-RPG2016
Arc The LadArc EntertainmentT-RPG2010
Arc The Lad IIArc EntertainmentT-RPG2010
Arc The Lad IIIArc EntertainmentT-RPG2011
ArcaniA : The Complete TaleSpellbound EntertainmentA-RPG2013
Astonishia StorySonnoriT-RPG2010
Atelier AyeshaGustRPG2012
Atelier Ayesha PlusGustRPG2015
Atelier Escha and Logy Plus : Alchemists of the Du ...GustRPG2015
Atelier Meruru PlusGustRPG2013
Atelier Rorona PlusGustRPG2014
Atelier SophieGustRPG2015
Atelier Totori PlusGustRPG2013
BaroqueSting EntertainmentD-RPG2012
BastionSupergiant GamesA-RPG2015
Battle Princess of ArcadiasApollosoftA-RPG2014
Black Rock Shooter : The GameImageepochA-RPG2011
Blazing Souls AccelateIdea FactoryT-RPG2012
Blood KnightsDeck13 InteractiveA-RPG2012
Blood Omen : Legacy of KainSilicon KnightsA-RPG2009
BorderlandsGearbox SoftwareF-RPG2009
Borderlands 2Gearbox SoftwareF-RPG2012
Borderlands 2 : Captain Scarlett and her Pirate Bo ...Gearbox SoftwareF-RPG2011
Borderlands 2 : Mr Torgue's Campaign of CarnageGearbox SoftwareF-RPG2011
Borderlands 2 : Sir Hammerlock's Big Hunt GameGearbox SoftwareF-RPG2011
Borderlands 2 : Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon KeepGearbox SoftwareF-RPG2011
Borderlands 2 Edition Game of the YearGearbox SoftwareF-RPG2011
Borderlands : Claptrap's New Robot RevolutionGearbox SoftwareF-RPG2010
Borderlands : Emeute dans l'Underdome de Mad MoxxiGearbox SoftwareF-RPG2010
Borderlands : L'Armurerie Secrete du General KnoxxGearbox SoftwareF-RPG2010
Borderlands : The Zombie Island of Dr. NedGearbox SoftwareF-RPG2009
Borderlands Edition Game of the YearGearbox SoftwareF-RPG2010
Brandish : The Dark RevenantFalcomA-RPG2010
Breath of Fire IIICapcomRPG2010
Castlevania : Symphony of the nightKonamiA-RPG2012
Cat QuestThe GentlebrosA-RPG2017
Chaos RingsMedia VisionRPG2013
ChasmBit KidA-RPG2018
Child of LightUbisoft MontrealRPG2014
Citizens of EarthEden GamesRPG2015
Cladun 2Nippon IchiD-RPG2010
Cladun : This is an RPGNippon IchiD-RPG2010
Cladun Returns : This is SengokuNippon IchiD-RPG2016
Conception II : Children of the Seven StarsSpike ChunsoftD-RPG2013
Costume QuestDouble FineRPG2010
Dark ChronicleLevel-5A-RPG2016
Dark CloudLevel-5A-RPG2016
Darksiders 2Vigil GamesADV-RPG2012
Death Under the LabyrinthCompile HeartD-RPG2015
DeathSpankHothead GamesA-RPG2010
Deathspank : The BaconingHothead GamesA-RPG2011
DeathSpank : Thongs of VirtueHothead GamesA-RPG2010
Deception IV: Blood Ties : The Other PrincessKoei TecmoA-RPG2015
Demon Gaze IIExperience Inc.D-RPG2016
Demon's SoulsFrom SoftwareA-RPG2013
Deus ExIon StormF-RPG2012
Deus Ex : Human RevolutionEidos MontrealF-RPG2011
Diablo III : Ultimate Evil EditionBlizzard EntertainmentC-RPG2014
Digimon Story : Cyber SleuthBandai NamcoRPG2016
Digimon World : Next OrderBandai NamcoRPG2017
Digital Devil SagaAtlusRPG2012
Digital Devil Saga 2AtlusRPG2012
Disgaea 2 : Dark Hero DaysNippon IchiT-RPG2010
Disgaea 3 : Absence of DetentionNippon IchiT-RPG2011
Disgaea 5 : Alliance of VengeanceNippon IchiT-RPG2015
Disgaea : Afternoon of DarknessNippon IchiT-RPG2009
Disgaea D2 : A Brighter DarknessNippon IchiT-RPG2013
Dragon Age 2BioWareC-RPG2011
Dragon Age : OriginsBioWareC-RPG2011
Dragon FantasyMuteki CorporationRPG2013
Dragon's CrownVanillawareA-RPG2013
Dragon's Dogma : Dark ArisenCapcomA-RPG2013
Dragoneer's AriaHit MakerA-RPG2009
Drakengard 3Access GamesA-RPG2014
Dungeon DefendersTrendy EntertainmentA-RPG2010
Dungeon Defenders IITrendy EntertainmentA-RPG2015
Dungeon Hunter : AllianceGameloftA-RPG2011
Dungeons and Dragons : Chronicles of MystaraIron GalaxyA-RPG2013
Dungeons and Dragons DaggerdaleBedlam GamesA-RPG2011
Dust : An Elysian TailHumble HeartsA-RPG2014
Eiyuu Senki : The World ConquestTenkoT-RPG2015
Elminage OriginalStarfishD-RPG2012
End of SerenityKemcoRPG2014
Eternal QuestTamsoft CorporationD-RPG2012
Faery : Legends of AvalonSpiders Games WeaversRPG2011
Fairy Fencer FCompile HeartRPG2014
Fairy Fencer F : Advent Dark ForceCompile HeartRPG2015
Fantasy Hero : Unsigned LegacyArc System WorksA-RPG2014
Fate ExtraImageepochD-RPG2011
Final FantasySquare EnixRPG2011
Final Fantasy IISquare EnixRPG2011
Final Fantasy IIISquare EnixRPG2012
Final Fantasy IV Complete CollectionSquare EnixRPG2011
Final Fantasy IXSquare EnixRPG2010
Final Fantasy TacticsSquare EnixT-RPG2010
Final Fantasy VSquare EnixRPG2011
Final Fantasy VISquare EnixRPG2011
Final Fantasy VIISquare EnixRPG2009
Final Fantasy VIIISquare EnixRPG2010
Final Fantasy X X-2 HD RemasterSquare EnixRPG2013
Final Fantasy XIII 2Square EnixRPG2011
Final Fantasy XIVSquare EnixMMORPG2013
Final Fantasy XVSquare EnixA-RPG2016
Front Mission 3Square EnixT-RPG2010
Game of ThronesCyanideC-RPG2012
Generation of ChaosIdea FactoryS-RPG2010
Generation of Chaos VISuper StingT-RPG2013
GrandiaGame ArtsRPG2010
Growlanser IV : Over ReloadedAtlusT-RPG2012
Gungnir : The War Hero and the War God's Demon Lan ...Sting EntertainmentT-RPG2011
Half Minute HeroMarvelous EntertainmentRPG2010
Harvest Moon : Hero of Leaf ValleyMarvelous Entertainment RPG2010
Hyperdevotion Noire : Goddess Black HeartSting EntertainmentT-RPG2014
Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2Compile HeartRPG2013
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re:Birth 1FelistellaRPG2013
Hyperdimension Neptunia VictoryCompile HeartRPG2013
Hyperdimension War Neptunia VS Sega Hard Girls : D ...FelistellaRPG2015
I Am SetsunaTokyo RPG FactoryRPG2016
Kingdoms of Amalur : Reckoning38 StudiosA-RPG2012
Labyrinth LegendsCreat StudiosD-RPG2012
Le Seigneur des Anneaux : La Guerre du NordSnowblind StudiosC-RPG2011
Legaia 2 : Duel SagaProkionRPG2002
LegasistaSystem PrismaD-RPG2012
Lord of ArcanaSquare EnixA-RPG2010
Lunar : Harmony of the Silver StarGame ArtsRPG2010
Mana Khemia : Student AllianceGustRPG2009
Mars : War LogsSpiders Games WeaversA-RPG2013
Mass EffectBiowareC-RPG2007
Mass Effect 2BiowareC-RPG2011
Mass Effect 3BioWareC-RPG2012
Mass Effect TrilogyBiowareCOMPIL2012
Might And Magic : Clash of HeroesCapybara GamesP-RPG2011
Mind 0ZerodivD-RPG2014
Monster Boy and the Cursed KingdomGame AtelierA-RPG2018
Monster Hunter Freedom UniteCapcomA-RPG2008
Mugen SoulsCompile HeartRPG2012
Muramasa : The Demon BladeVanillawareA-RPG2013
Ni no Kuni : Wrath of the White WitchLevel-5RPG2011
Of Orcs and MenCyanideC-RPG2012
Okami HDHexa DriveADV-RPG2012
Omega QuintetCompile HeartRPG2014
Parasite Eve 2SquaresoftA-RPG2010
Patapon 3SonyInclassable2011
Penny Punching PrincessNippon IchiA-RPG2016
Persona 2 : Innocent SinAtlusRPG2011
Persona 3 FESAtlusRPG2012
Persona 3 PortableAtlusD-RPG2011
Persona 4 The GoldenAtlusD-RPG2013
Phantasy Star Portable 2SegaA-RPG2010
Phantom Brave PortableNippon IchiT-RPG2011
Pier Solar and the Great ArchitectsWatermelonRPG2014
Puzzle ChroniclesInfinite InteractiveP-RPG2010
Puzzle Quest : Challenge of the WarlordsInfinite InteractiveP-RPG2008
Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords: Revenge o ...Infinite InteractiveP-RPG2008
PyreSupergiant GamesA-RPG2017
R.A.W. Realms of Ancient WarWizarboxA-RPG2012
Ragnarok OdysseyGame ArtsA-RPG2012
Ragnarok Odyssey AceGame ArtsA-RPG2013
Rainbow MoonSideQuest StudiosT-RPG2012
Rainbow SkiesSideQuest StudiosRPG2018
Ray GigantExperience Inc.D-RPG2015
Risen 3 : Titan Lords Enhanced EditionPiranha BytesA-RPG2015
RivieraSting EntertainmentT-RPG2009
Rogue GalaxyLevel-5RPG2015
Rollers of the RealmPhantom CompassInclassable2014
Romancing SaGa 2ArtePiazzaRPG2016
Rune Factory OceansNeverlandRPG2012
Sacred CitadelSouthEnd InteractiveA-RPG2013
Shin Megami Tensei : Persona Full GameAtlusRPG2010
Shin Megami Tensei III : Lucifer's CallAtlusRPG2014
Skulls of the Shogun : Bone a Fide Edition17-bitT-RPG2015
Soul SacrificeMarvelous AQLA-RPG2013
Soul Sacrifice DeltaSonyA-RPG2014
Spectral Souls : Resurrection of the Etheral Empir ...Idea FactoryT-RPG2011
Star Ocean 3 : Till the End of Time Director's Cut ...tri-AceRPG2017
Stories : The Path of DestiniesSpearhead GamesA-RPG2016
Stranger of Sword CityExperience Inc.D-RPG2016
Suikoden IIKonamiRPG2000
Suikoden IIIKonamiRPG2002
Summon Night 5FelistellaT-RPG2015
Sword Art Online : Hollow FragmentAquriaD-RPG2014
Sword Art Online : Lost SongArtdinkA-RPG2015
Sword Art Online Re : Hollow Fragment Director's C ...AquriaD-RPG2015
Sword of RapiervDogA-RPG2012
Tales of Graces FNamco BandaiRPG2013
Tales of Hearts RNamco BandaiRPG2013
Tales of XilliaNamco BandaiRPG2011
The 3rd BirthdaySquare EnixA-RPG2011
The Banner SagaStoicT-RPG2016
The God and Fate Revolution ParadoxNippon IchiD-RPG2013
The Legend of Heroes VI : Trails in the SkyFalcomRPG2010
The Legend of Heroes VI : Trails in the Sky Second ...FalcomRPG2012
Touhou : Scarlet CuriosityAnkake SupaA-RPG2016
TransistorSupergiant GamesA-RPG2014
Trillion : God of DestructionCompile HeartT-RPG2015
Two Worlds 2 : Pirates of the Flying FortressReality Pump A-RPG2011
Two Worlds II : Velvet GOTY EditionReality PumpA-RPG2012
Vagrant StorySquare EnixRPG2009
Valhalla KnightsMarvelous EntertainmentA-RPG2010
Valhalla Knights 2Marvelous EntertainmentA-RPG2010
Valhalla Knights 2 : Battle StanceMarvelous EntertainmentA-RPG2010
Valhalla Knights 3Marvelous AQLA-RPG2013
Valkyria Chronicles IISegaT-RPG2010
Valkyria Chronicles RemasteredSegaT-RPG2016
Vandal Hearts : Flames of JudgmentKonamiT-RPG2010
White Knight Chronicles : Dogma WarsSonyRPG2011
Wild ArmsMedia VisionRPG2007
Wild Arms 3Media VisionRPG2016
Wild Arms XFMedia VisionT-RPG2009
Wizardry : Labyrinth of Lost SoulsAcquireD-RPG2009
Ys : Memories of CelcetaFalcomA-RPG2012
Ys : The Oath in FelghanaFalcomA-RPG2010
Ys I.II ChroniclesFalcomA-RPG2011
Ys SevenFalcomA-RPG2010
Z.H.P. : Unlosing Ranger VS Darkdeath EvilmanNippon IchiT-RPG2010
Blade Dancer: Lineage of LightHit MakerRPG2009
Brave Story : New TravelerGame RepublicRPG2009
Breath of Fire IVCapcomRPG2011
Castlevania : The Dracula X ChroniclesKonamiCOMPIL2009
Chrono CrossSquare EnixRPG2011
Chrono TriggerSquare EnixRPG2011
Class of HeroesAcquireD-RPG2009
Class of Heroes 2ZerodivD-RPG2010
Class of Heroes 2GZeroDiv D-RPG2010
Crimson Gem SagaSonnoriRPG2009
Disgaea 2 : Cursed MemoriesNippon IchiT-RPG2013
Disgaea : Hour of DarknessNippon IchiT-RPG2013
Dragon Fantasy Book 2Muteki CorporationRPG2013
Fantasy ChronicleKemcoRPG2012
Fernz GateExe CreateRPG2018
Final Fantasy OriginsSquaresoftCOMPIL2012
Harvest Moon : A Wonderful Life Special EditionMarvelous EntertainmentRPG2012
Harvest Moon : Back To NatureVISRPG2011
Harvest Moon : Save the HomelandVictor Interactive SoftwareRPG2011
Hexyz ForceSting EntertainmentRPG2009
Jeanne d'ArcLevel-5T-RPG2008
La Pucelle TacticsNippon IchiT-RPG2012
Legend of DragoonSonyRPG2012
Legend of ManaSquaresoftA-RPG2010
Odin SphereVanillawareA-RPG2011
Parasite EveSquaresoftRPG2010
Persona 2 : Eternal PunishmentAtlusRPG2013
Persona 4AtlusD-RPG2008
Puzzle Chronicles PSPInfinite InteractiveP-RPG2010
Record of Agarest WarCompile HeartT-RPG2010
Ring of RedKonamiT-RPG2011
RPG Maker 3EnterbrainP-RPG2013
Shin Megami Tensei : Persona 2 : Eternal Punishmen ...AtlusRPG2012
SiralimThylacine StudiosRPG2016
Stella DeusPinegrowT-RPG2006
The Arland Atelier Trilogy PlusGustCOMPIL2015
Threads of FateSquaresoftA-RPG2010
UnchainBlades ReXXFuryuD-RPG2012
Vanguard BanditsHuman EntertainmentT-RPG2009
Wild Arms 2Media VisionRPG2009
Yggdra UnionSting EntertainmentT-RPG2009
7th Dragon 2020ImageepochRPG2011
7th Dragon 2020 IIImageepochRPG2013
Adventure Bar of Wonderland PortableRideonJapanRPG2011
Adventure Story of the Good Old DaysDaidaiT-RPG2016
Atelier Marie PlusGustRPG2007
Bakamatsu Ishinden RevolutionZeroDivD-RPG2010
Black Matrix 00Flight-PlanT-RPG2010
Black Matrix CrossFlight-PlanT-RPG2009
Blaze Union : Story to Reach the FutureSting EntertainmentT-RPG2010
Breath of Fire VCapcomRPG2016
Chaos Rings III : Prequel TrilogyMedia VisionRPG2014
Chocobo no Fushigi DungeonSquaresoftD-RPG2010
Chocobo's Dungeon 2SquaresoftD-RPG2010
Class of Heroes 3ZeroDiv D-RPG2010
Class of Heroes FinalZeroDivD-RPG2011
Criminal GirlsImageepochRPG2010
Danbol Senki WTri-AceRPG2012
Devil Children : Black Book Red BookAtlusRPG2010
Devil SummonerAtlusRPG2010
Digimon World Re : DigitizeNamco BandaiRPG2012
Final Fantasy IVSquaresoftRPG2012
Final Fantasy Tactics : The Lion WarSquare EnixT-RPG2011
Final Fantasy Type 0Square EnixRPG2011
Final Promise StoryImageepochD-RPG2011
Frontier GateTri-AceRPG2011
Frontier Gate PlusTri-AceRPG2013
Genso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no TokiKonamiRPG2012
Gloria UnionSting EntertainmentT-RPG2011
Grand Knights HistoryVanillawareRPG2011
Grandia IIGame ArtsRPG2014
Guardian Hearts OnlineQ Entertainment MMORPG2012
Judas CodeTri-AceA-RPG2014
Kaku San Sei Million ArthurSquare EnixCard-RPG2013
Knights in the NightmareSting EntertainmentT-RPG2010
Lost HeroesNamco BandaiD-RPG2012
Monster Hunter Diary Poka Poka Felyne GFrom SoftwareA-RPG2011
Monster Hunter Nikki : PokaPoka Airu VillageFrom SoftwareA-RPG2011
Monster Hunter Portable 3rdCapcomA-RPG2011
Nano DiverTakara TomyA-RPG2011
New Class of Heroes : Chrono AcademyZeroDivRPG2012
Ni no Kuni : All In One EditionLevel-5RPG2012
Nioh : Complete EditionKoei TecmoA-RPG2017
Omega LabyrinthMatrix SoftwareD-RPG2015
One Piece Romance DawnNamco BandaiRPG2012
Ore ni Hatarakette IwaretemoE-smileD-RPG2012
Ore ni Hatarakette Iwaretemo OtsuE-smileD-RPG2013
Ore ni Hatarakette Iwaretemo Otsu HDE-smileD-RPG2013
Ore ni Hatarakette Iwaretemo ToriE-smileD-RPG2015
Over My Dead BodyAlfa SystemRPG2011
Phantom Kingdom PortableNippon IchiT-RPG2011
Picotto KnightsGame ArtsA-RPG2012
Princess CrownAtlusA-RPG2010
Queen's Gate : Spiral ChaosNamco BandaiT-RPG2010
R Type TacticsIrem SoftwareT-RPG2009
R Type Tactics II : Operation Bitter ChocolateIrem SoftwareT-RPG2009
Shin Megami TenseiAtlusRPG2010
Shin Megami Tensei If...AtlusRPG2010
Shin Megami Tensei IIAtlusRPG2010
Shiren the Wanderer 3 PortableChunSoftD-RPG2012
Shiren the Wanderer 4 PlusSpike ChunsoftD-RPG2012
Spectral ForceIdea FactoryS-RPG2007
Spectral Force 2Idea FactoryS-RPG2007
Spectral TowerIdea FactoryD-RPG2007
Spectral Tower IIIdea FactoryD-RPG2007
Star Ocean 2 : Second EvolutionTri-AceRPG2015
Students of RoundExperience Inc.D-RPG2012
Summon NightFlight-PlanT-RPG2012
Summon Night 2Flight-PlanT-RPG2012
Summon Night 3Namco BandaiT-RPG2012
Summon Night 4Namco BandaiT-RPG2012
Super Robot Taisen FWinky SoftT-RPG2011
Super Robot Taisen F FinalWinky SoftT-RPG2011
Super Robot Taisen OEBanprestoT-RPG2013
Tales of the World : Radiant Mythology 3Namco BandaiD-RPG2011
Tengai Makyo 2 : ManjimaruRed CompanyRPG2011
Tengai Makyo : ZiriaRed CompanyRPG2010
The 2nd Super Robot Taisen Z : Breakthrough Chapte ...BanprestoT-RPG2012
The 2nd Super Robot Taisen Z : Regeneration Chapte ...BanprestoT-RPG2012
The Legend of Heroes VI : Trails in the Sky The 3r ...FalcomRPG2010
The Legend of Heroes VII : Trails of AzureFalcomRPG2011
Tokyo Majin Gakuen : Ken Kaze TobariAsmik Ace EntertainmentT-RPG2012
Tokyo Majin Gakuen : Oboro KitanAsmik Ace EntertainmentT-RPG2012
Tokyo Majin Gakuen GehouchouAsmik Ace EntertainmentT-RPG2012
Valkyria Chronicles III Extra EditionSegaT-RPG2011
Vantage Master PortableFalcomT-RPG2010
Venus and BravesNamco BandaiT-RPG2011
Wizardry : Town of the Imprisoned SpiritsAcquireD-RPG2011
Wizardry Empire III : Ancestry of the EmpireStarfishD-RPG2013
Ys 6 : The Ark of NapishtimFalcomA-RPG2009
Ys Book I.IIFalcomA-RPG2010
Ys IIIHudsonA-RPG2011
Ys IV : The Dawn of YsHudsonA-RPG2011
En développement
Light Fairytaleneko.worksRPG2018
Mana Khemia 2GustRPG2013
Shenmue IIIYs NetA-RPG2019
TorchlightRunic GamesA-RPG2011
Final Fantasy Agito PlusSquare EnixRPG2015


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