Glossaire XBOX
Castlevania : Curse of DarknessKonamiA-RPG2005
Deus Ex : Invisible WarIon StormF-RPG2003
EnclaveStarbreeze StudiosA-RPG2002
FableBig Blue BoxA-RPG2004
Fable : The Lost ChaptersBig Blue BoxA-RPG2005
Kingdom Under Fire : The CrusadersPhantagramS-RPG2004
Le Seigneur des Anneaux : Le Tiers AgeRedwood ShoresRPG2004
Marvel Ultimate AllianceRaven SoftwareA-RPG2006
Shenmue IISegaA-RPG2003
Star Wars : Knights of the Old RepublicBiowareRPG2003
Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic II The Sit ...Obsidian EntertainmentA-RPG2005
SudekiClimax EntertainmentA-RPG2004
The Elder Scrolls III : MorrowindBethesda SoftworksRPG2002
XMen LegendsRaven SoftwareA-RPG2004
XMen Legends II: Rise of ApocalypseRaven SoftwareA-RPG2005
Shin Megami Tensei NineAtlusRPG2002


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