Intelligent Systems
Fire Emblem : New Mystery of the EmblemIntelligent SystemsT-RPG2010 Japon
Fire Emblem : Shadow DragonIntelligent SystemsT-RPG2008 France
Fire Emblem : Fuuin no TsurugiIntelligent SystemsT-RPG2002 Japon
Fire Emblem : Rekka no KenIntelligent SystemsT-RPG2003 France
Fire Emblem : The Sacred StonesIntelligent SystemsT-RPG2004 France
Game Cube
Fire Emblem : Path of RadianceIntelligent SystemsT-RPG2005 France
Paper Mario : La Porte MillenaireIntelligent SystemsRPG2004 France
Fire Emblem : AwakeningIntelligent SystemsT-RPG2012 France
Fire Emblem FatesIntelligent SystemsT-RPG2015 France
Nintendo 64
Paper MarioIntelligent SystemsRPG2000 France
Fire EmblemIntelligent SystemsT-RPG1990 Japon
Fire Emblem IIIntelligent SystemsT-RPG1992 Japon
Fire Emblem IIIIntelligent SystemsT-RPG1994 Japon
Fire Emblem IVIntelligent SystemsT-RPG1996 Japon
Fire Emblem VIntelligent SystemsT-RPG1999 Japon
Fire Emblem : Three HousesIntelligent SystemsT-RPG2019 France
Wii U
Fire Emblem : Rekka no KenIntelligent SystemsT-RPG2014 France
Fire Emblem : Shadow DragonIntelligent SystemsT-RPG2015 France
Fire Emblem IIIntelligent SystemsT-RPG2013 Japon
Paper Mario : Color SplashIntelligent SystemsRPG2016 France


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