Magic Goddess of The Earth and The HeavenWright Flyer StudiosS-RPG2014 Japon
Youkai Sangokushi : Kunitori WarsKoei TecmoS-RPG2018 Japon
Blue Dragon PlusBrownie BrownS-RPG2008 France
Disciples 2 : Dark ProphecyGlyphic EntertainmentS-RPG2006 Inconnu
Final Fantasy XII Revenant WingsSquare EnixS-RPG2007 France
Heroes of ManaSquare EnixS-RPG2006 France
Spectral Force GenesisIdea FactoryS-RPG2008 France
Yggdra Unison : Seiken BuyuudenSting EntertainmentS-RPG2009 Japon
Game Cube
Generation of Chaos ExceedIdea FactoryS-RPG2003 Japon
Magic Goddess of The Earth and The HeavenWright Flyer StudiosS-RPG2014 Japon
Sangokushi RumbleSquare EnixS-RPG2013 Japon
Warhammer QuestGuildfordS-RPG2013 USA
Youkai Sangokushi : Kunitori WarsKoei TecmoS-RPG2018 Japon
Castle Conqueror : Dark AgeCircle EntertainmentS-RPG2013 N.C
Nintendo 64
Ogre Battle 64QuestS-RPG1999 USA
Aarklash : LegacyCyanideS-RPG2013 France
Chronicle of RuinDusty GamesS-RPG2017 Inconnu
ConfrontationCyanideS-RPG2012 France
Disciples 2 : Dark ProphecyStrategy FirstS-RPG2002 France
Disciples 2 : Guardians of the LightStrategy FirstS-RPG2003 USA
Disciples 2 : Rise of the ElvesStrategy FirstS-RPG2003 France
Disciples 2 : Servant of the DarkStrategy FirstS-RPG2003 USA
Disciples : Sacred LandsStrategy FirstS-RPG1999 France
Disciples : Sacred Lands Gold EditionStrategy FirstS-RPG2001 France
Grotesque Tactics 2 : Dungeons and DonutsSilent DreamsS-RPG2011 France
Grotesque Tactics Evil Heroes Silent DreamsS-RPG2010 France
Kingdom Under Fire : The CrusadersBluesideS-RPG2020 France
Project PhoenixCreative Intelligence ArtsS-RPG2021 N.C
SpellForce 2 : Dragon StromEA PhenomicS-RPG2007 France
SpellForce 2 : Faith in DestinyEA PhenomicS-RPG2012 France
SpellForce 2 : Shadow warsEA PhenomicS-RPG2006 France
SpellForce 3Grimlore GamesS-RPG2017 France
SpellForce 3 : Soul HarvestGrimlore GamesS-RPG2019 France
SpellForce : Shadow of the PhoenixEA PhenomicS-RPG2004 France
SpellForce : The breath of WinterEA PhenomicS-RPG2004 France
SpellForce : The Order of DawnEA PhenomicS-RPG2003 France
Tears to Tiara : Kakan no DaichiLeafS-RPG2005 Japon
Ogre Battle : The March of the Black QueenQuestS-RPG1996 USA
Spectral ForceIdea FactoryS-RPG1997 Japon
Spectral Force 2Idea FactoryS-RPG1998 Japon
Spectral Force : Lovely WickednessIdea FactoryS-RPG1999 Japon
Spectral Force : Seishojo GaisenIdea FactoryS-RPG1999 Japon
PlayStation 2
Generation of ChaosIdea FactoryS-RPG2001 Japon
Generation of Chaos IIIIdea FactoryS-RPG2003 Japon
Generation of Chaos IVIdea FactoryS-RPG2004 Japon
Generation of Chaos VIdea FactoryS-RPG2005 Japon
Spectral Force : Radical ElementsIdea FactoryS-RPG2004 Japon
PlayStation 3
Eiyuu Senki : The World ConquestTenkoS-RPG2013 Japon
Mist of ChaosIdea FactoryS-RPG2007 Japon
PlayStation 4
Project PhoenixCreative Intelligence ArtsS-RPG2021 N.C
Generation of ChaosIdea FactoryS-RPG2010 France
Spectral ForceIdea FactoryS-RPG2007 Japon
Spectral Force 2Idea FactoryS-RPG2007 Japon
Aedis Eclipse : Generation of ChaosIdea FactoryS-RPG2007 USA
Generation of Chaos PSPIdea FactoryS-RPG2005 France
Spectral Force LegacyIdea FactoryS-RPG2009 Japon
PS Vita
Eiyuu Senki : The World ConquestTenkoS-RPG2014 Japon
Project PhoenixCreative Intelligence ArtsS-RPG2021 N.C
Dragon ForceWorking DesignsS-RPG1997 France
Dragon Force 2Working DesignsS-RPG1998 Japon
Ogre Battle : The March of the Black QueenQuestS-RPG1993 USA
Lily : Shiroki Yuri no OtometachiDisfactS-RPG2020 N.C
Wii Ware
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles : My Life as a Da ...Square EnixS-RPG2009 France
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles : My Life as a Ki ...Square EnixS-RPG2008 France
Kingdom Under Fire : The CrusadersPhantagramS-RPG2004 France


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