Avalon CodeMatrix SoftwareA-RPG2008 France
Away : Shuffle DungeonArtoonA-RPG2008 France
Blue Dragon PlusBrownie BrownS-RPG2008 France
Castlevania : Order of EcclesiaKonamiA-RPG2008 France
Chrono Trigger DSSquare EnixRPG2008 France
Disgaea DSNippon IchiT-RPG2008 France
Dragon Quest IVSquare EnixRPG2008 France
Dragon Quest VSquare EnixRPG2008 France
Dramatic Dungeon Sakura Taisen: Kimi ArugatameNeverlandD-RPG2008 Japon
Elminage DS RemixStarfishD-RPG2008 Japon
Final Fantasy Fables : Chocobo DungeonSquare EnixD-RPG2008 Japon
Fire Emblem : Shadow DragonIntelligent SystemsT-RPG2008 France
Fossil FightersRed CompanyRPG2008 USA
From the AbyssSonic PoweredA-RPG2008 France
Front Mission 2089Square EnixT-RPG2008 Japon
Glory of Hercules : Proof of the SoulPAON CorporationRPG2008 USA
Harvest Moon : Grand BazaarMarvelous Entertainment RPG2008 France
Hero's Saga LaevateinGungHoT-RPG2008 USA
Inazuma ElevenLevel-5RPG2008 France
Izuna 2 : The Unemployed Ninja ReturnsSuccessD-RPG2008 USA
Kimino YushaSNK PlaymoreRPG2008 Japon
Knights in the NightmareSting EntertainmentT-RPG2008 USA
Luminous Arc 2 : WillImageepochT-RPG2008 France
Mazes of FateSabarasa EntertainmentD-RPG2008 France
My World My WayGlobal A EntertainmentRPG2008 USA
Mystery Dungeon : Shiren The Wanderer 2ChunSoftD-RPG2008 Japon
NostalgiaMatrix SoftwareRPG2008 USA
Phantasy Star 0SegaA-RPG2008 France
Pokemon PlatineGame FreakRPG2008 France
Pokemon Ranger : Nuit sur AlmiaHAL LaboratoryA-RPG2008 France
Ragnarok DSGravity CorporationRPG2008 USA
RhapsodyNippon IchiRPG2008 France
Rune Factory 2NeverlandRPG2008 France
Sands of DestructionImageepochRPG2008 USA
Shining Force FeatherFlight-PlanA-RPG2008 Japon
Sigma HarmonicsSquare EnixRPG2008 Japon
Soma BringerMonolith SoftwareA-RPG2008 Japon
Sonic Chronicles : La Confrerie des Tenebres BiowareRPG2008 France
Spectral Force GenesisIdea FactoryS-RPG2008 France
Steal PrincessClimax EntertainmentA-RPG2008 France
Summon NightFlight-PlanT-RPG2008 Japon
Summon Night 2Flight-PlanT-RPG2008 Japon
Super Robot Taisen OG Saga : Endless FrontierMonolith SoftwareRPG2008 USA
Tales of HeartsNamco BandaiRPG2008 Japon
Tales of InnocenceNamco Tales StudioRPG2008 Japon
The Dark SpireSuccessD-RPG2008 USA
The World Ends With YouJupiterRPG2008 France
Tokyo Majin Gakuen : KenpuchouAsmik Ace EntertainmentT-RPG2008 Japon
Valkyrie Profile : Covenant of the PlumeTri-AceRPG2008 France
YsFalcomA-RPG2008 Japon
Ys IIFalcomA-RPG2008 Japon
Chronicles of InotiaCom2uSA-RPG2008 France
Fallout 3Bethesda SoftworksC-RPG2008 France
Final Fantasy XI : 2008 EditionSquare EnixCOMPIL2008 France
Gothic 3 : Forsaken GodsTrine Game StudiosA-RPG2008 France
Lightning Warrior RaidyZyXH-RPG2008 USA
Lightning Warrior Raidy 2ZyXH-RPG2008 USA
Mass EffectBiowareC-RPG2008 France
Mount and BladeTaleworlds EntertainmentC-RPG2008 France
Rise of the ArgonautsLiquid EntertainmentA-RPG2008 France
Silverfall : Earth AwakeningMonte CristoA-RPG2008 France
The Last RemnantSquare EnixRPG2008 France
The Witcher Enhanced EditionCD Projekt REDRPG2008 France
World of Warcraft : Wrath of the Lich KingBlizzard EntertainmentMMORPG2008 France
Zwei IIFalcomA-RPG2008 Japon
PlayStation 2
Devil Summoner : Raidou Kuzunoha 2AtlusA-RPG2008 USA
Devil Summoner : Raidou Kuzunoha 2 PlusAtlusRPG2008 Japon
Dirge Of Cerberus : Final Fantasy VII Internationa ...Square EnixA-RPG2008 Japon
ElminageStarfishD-RPG2008 Japon
Eternal PoisonFlight-PlanT-RPG2008 USA
Kingdom Hearts Re : Chain of MemoriesSquare EnixA-RPG2008 USA
Mana Khemia 2GustRPG2008 USA
Persona 3 FESAtlusD-RPG2008 France
Persona 4AtlusD-RPG2008 France
Tales of Destiny : Director's CutNamco BandaiRPG2008 Japon
ZweiFalcomA-RPG2008 Japon
PlayStation 3
Cross EdgeIdea FactoryRPG2008 France
Eternal SonataTri-CrescendoRPG2008 France
Fallout 3Bethesda SoftworksC-RPG2008 France
Persona 4AtlusD-RPG2008 USA
Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords: Revenge o ...Infinite InteractiveP-RPG2008 France
Rise of the ArgonautsLiquid EntertainmentA-RPG2008 France
Tears to Tiara : Kakan no DaichiAquaplusT-RPG2008 Japon
Valkyria ChroniclesSegaT-RPG2008 France
White Knight ChroniclesLevel-5RPG2008 France
Adventures To GoGlobal A EntertainmentT-RPG2008 France
Coded SoulGaiaRPG2008 Japon
Crimson Gem SagaSonnoriRPG2008 USA
Mana Khemia PSPGustRPG2008 France
Monster Hunter Freedom UniteCapcomA-RPG2008 France
Mytran WarsStormregionT-RPG2008 France
Neverland Card BattlesIdea FactoryCard-RPG2008 USA
Phantasy Star PortableAlfa SystemA-RPG2008 France
Star Ocean 2 : Second EvolutionTri-AceRPG2008 France
Star Ocean : First DepartureTri-AceRPG2008 France
Tales of RebirthNamco BandaiRPG2008 Japon
Tales of the World : Radiant Mythology 2Namco BandaiD-RPG2008 Japon
The Legend of Heroes VI : Trails in the Sky Second ...FalcomRPG2008 Japon
The Legend of Heroes VI : Trails in the Sky The 3r ...FalcomRPG2008 Japon
Valhalla Knights 2Marvelous InteractiveA-RPG2008 France
Vantage Master PortableFalcomT-RPG2008 Japon
Yggdra UnionAtlusT-RPG2008 USA
ZweiMicrovisionA-RPG2008 Japon
PS Vita
GuruminFalcomA-RPG2008 USA
Monster Hunter Freedom UniteCapcomA-RPG2008 France
Puzzle Quest : Challenge of the WarlordsInfinite InteractiveP-RPG2008 France
BaroqueSting EntertainmentD-RPG2008 Japon
BaroqueSting EntertainmentD-RPG2008 France
Dokapon KingdomSting EntertainmentP-RPG2008 France
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles : My Life as a Ki ...Square EnixS-RPG2008 France
Harvest Moon : Parade des AnimauxNatsumeRPG2008 France
OkamiReady at Dawn StudiosADV-RPG2008 France
Rune Factory FrontierNatsumeRPG2008 France
Shiren the WandererChunSoftD-RPG2008 USA
Tales of Symphonia : Dawn of the New WorldNamco BandaiRPG2008 France
XBox 360
Cry OnCaviaA-RPG2008 Inconnu
Diario : Rebirth Moon LegendIdea FactoryT-RPG2008 Japon
Fable 2Lionhead StudiosA-RPG2008 France
Fallout 3Bethesda SoftworksC-RPG2008 France
Infinite UndiscoveryTri-AceA-RPG2008 France
Kingdom Under Fire : Circle of DoomBLUESIDEA-RPG2008 France
Record of Agarest War : ReappearanceCompile HeartT-RPG2008 USA
Rise of the ArgonautsLiquid EntertainmentA-RPG2008 France
Spectral Force 3XPEC EntertainmentT-RPG2008 USA
Tales of VesperiaNamco BandaiRPG2008 France
The Last RemnantSquare EnixRPG2008 France
Too HumanSilicon KnightsA-RPG2008 France


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