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EvolutionSting Entertainment2000 -France
Phantasy Star OnlineSonic Team2000 -France
ShenmueSega1999 -France
Shenmue IISega2001 -France
SilverSpiral House2000 -France
Skies of ArcadiaOverworks2001 -France
Blue Dragon PlusBrownie Brown2008 -France
Castlevania : Portrait of RuinKonami2006 -France
Children of ManaSquare Enix2006 -France
Chrono Trigger DSSquare Enix2008 -France
Deep LabyrinthInteractive Brains2006 -France
Dragon Ball Z : Attack of the SaiyansMonolith Software2009 -France
Dragon Quest IVSquare Enix2008 -France
Dragon Quest IXSquare Enix2009 -France
Dragon Quest Monsters JSquare Enix2006 -France
Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2Square Enix2010 -France
Dragon Quest VSquare Enix2008 -France
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles : Echoes of TimeSquare Enix2009 -France
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles : Ring of FatesSquare Enix2007 -France
Final Fantasy IIISquare Enix2006 -France
Final Fantasy IVSquare Enix2007 -France
Final Fantasy XII Revenant WingsSquare Enix2007 -France
From the AbyssSonic Powered2008 -France
Golden Sun : Dark DawnCamelot2009 -France
Harvest Moon : Colobockle StationMarvelous Interactive2005 -France
Heroes of ManaSquare Enix2006 -France
Inazuma ElevenLevel-52008 -France
Inazuma Eleven 2 : BlizzardLevel-52009 -France
Inazuma Eleven 2 : FireLevel-52009 -France
Kingdom Hearts : 358 2 DaysH.a.n.d.2009 -France
Lost MagicTaito2006 -France
Mario and Luigi : Partners In TimeNintendo2005 -France
Mario et Luigi : Voyage au centre de BowserNintendo2009 -France
Might And Magic : Clash of HeroesCapybara Games2009 -France
Ni no Kuni : The Another WorldLevel-52009 -Japon
Okamiden : Chiisaki TaiyouCapcom2010 -France
Phantasy Star 0Sega2008 -France
Pokemon RangerHAL Laboratory2006 -France
RhapsodyNippon Ichi2008 -France
Rune Factory 3Marvelous Interactive2009 -France
SolatoroboCyberConnect22010 -France
Sonic Chronicles : La Confrerie des Tenebres Bioware2008 -France
SpectrobesJupiter2007 -France
Suikoden TierkreisKonami2009 -France
The World Ends With YouJupiter2008 -France
Xenosaga I.IIMonolith Software2006 -Japon
Zelda : Phantom HourglassNintendo2007 -France
Zelda : Spirit TracksNintendo2009 -France
Game Boy
Mystic QuestSquaresoft1991 -France
Pokemon Version BleueGame Freak1996 -France
Pokemon Version JauneGame Freak1998 -France
Zelda : Link's AwakeningNintendo1993 -France
Castlevania : Circle of the MoonKcet2001 -France
Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceSquare Enix2003 -France
Fire Emblem : The Sacred StonesIntelligent Systems2004 -France
Golden SunCamelot2002 -France
Golden Sun 2Camelot2003 -France
Le Seigneur des Anneaux : Le Tiers AgeRedwood Shores2004 -France
Mario and Luigi : Superstar SagaNintendo2003 -France
Shining ForceSega2004 -France
Shining SoulSega2002 -France
Sword of ManaBrownie Brown2004 -France
Tales of PhantasiaNamco Tales Studio2003 -France
The Legend of ZeldaNintendo2004 -France
Zelda : A Link To The PastCapcom2003 -France
Zelda : The Minish CapCapcom2004 -France
Zelda II : The Adventure of LinkNintendo2004 -France
Game Boy Color
Pokemon CrystalGame Freak2000 -France
Pokemon OrGame Freak1999 -France
Quest for CamelotTitus1998 -France
Zelda : Link's Awakening DXNintendo1998 -France
Zelda : Oracle of AgesCapcom2001 -France
Zelda : Oracle of SeasonsCapcom2001 -France
Game Cube
Baten KaitosMonolith Software2005 -France
Final Fantasy Crystal ChroniclesDesigners Studio2004 -France
Le Seigneur des Anneaux : Le Tiers AgeRedwood Shores2004 -France
Les Royaumes PerdusFrom Software2002 -France
Les Royaumes Perdus 2From Software2003 -France
Paper Mario : La Porte MillenaireIntelligent Systems2004 -France
Phantasy Star Online I et IISega2002 -France
Tales of SymphoniaNamco2004 -France
Zelda : Bonus DiscNintendo2003 -France
Zelda : Edition CollectorNintendo2003 -France
Zelda : Four Swords AdventuresNintendo2005 -France
Zelda : The Wind WakerNintendo2003 -France
Zelda : Twilight PrincessNintendo2006 -France
Brave FrontierAlim2013 -France
Cat QuestThe Gentlebros2017 -France
Chaos RingsMedia Vision2010 -France
Fire Emblem HeroesNintendo2017 -France
Infinity BladeEpic Games2010 -France
Kingdom Hearts : Union XSquare Enix2015 -France
Mobius Final FantasySquare Enix2015 -France
Oceanhorn : Monster of Uncharted SeasCornfox and Brothers2013 -France
Secret of ManaSquare Enix2010 -France
Shining ForceClimax Entertainment2010 -France
Tales of the RaysBandai Namco2017 -France
ZenoniaGamevil2009 -France
La legende de ThorAncient1994 -France
LandstalkerClimax Entertainment1992 -France
Light CrusaderTreasure1995 -France
Pier Solar and the Great ArchitectsWatermelon2010 -France
Shining Force 2Sonic Team1993 -France
SoleilNextech1994 -France
Master System
Phantasy StarSega1987 -France
Ultima IV : Quest of the AvatarOrigin Systems1990 -France
YsMarvelous Interactive1988 -France
7th Dragon IIISega2015 -France
Bravely Default : For the SequelSilicon Studio2013 -France
Bravely SecondSilicon Studio2015 -France
Dragon Ball FusionsBandai Namco2016 -France
Dragon Quest VIIArtePiazza2013 -France
Dragon Quest VIIICygames2015 -France
Etrian Odyssey and the Mystery DungeonAtlus2015 -France
Fantasy LifeBrownie Brown2012 -France
Final Fantasy ExplorersSquare Enix2014 -France
Fire Emblem : AwakeningIntelligent Systems2012 -France
Fire Emblem FatesIntelligent Systems2015 -France
Heroes of Ruinn-Space2012 -France
Inazuma Eleven 3 : BomberLevel-52013 -France
Inazuma Eleven 3 : Les Ogres attaquentLevel-52014 -France
Inazuma Eleven Go : DarkLevel-52011 -France
Monster Hunter 4 UltimateCapcom2014 -France
Paper Mario 3DSNintendo2012 -France
Persona Q : Shadow of the TartarusAtlus2014 -France
Pokemon Rubis OmegaGame Freak2014 -France
Pokemon Saphir AlphaGame Freak2014 -France
Project X Zone 2 : Brave New WorldBandai Namco2015 -France
Radiant Historia : Perfect ChronologyAtlus2017 -France
Tales of the AbyssNamco Bandai2011 -France
The Legend of Zelda : A Link Between WorldsNintendo2013 -France
The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time 3DNintendo2011 -France
The Legend of Zelda : Tri Force HeroesNintendo2015 -France
Xenoblade Chronicles 3DMonster Games2015 -France
Zelda : Majora's Mask 3DNintendo2015 -France
Nintendo 64
Holy Magic CenturyImagineer1998 -France
Zelda : Majora's MaskNintendo2000 -France
Zelda : Ocarina of TimeNintendo1998 -France
Final Fantasy IISquaresoft1988 -Japon
Final Fantasy IIISquaresoft1990 -Japon
The Legend of ZeldaNintendo1986 -France
Zelda II : The Adventure of LinkNintendo1987 -France
AionNCSoft2009 -France
Baldur's GateBioWare1998 -France
Baldur's Gate Enhanced EditionOverhaul Games2012 -France
Baldur's Gate II : Shadows of AmnBioWare2000 -France
Baldur's Gate II : Throne of BhaalBioWare2001 -France
ConfrontationCyanide2012 -France
DarksidersVigil Games2010 -France
DiabloBlizzard Entertainment1996 -France
Diablo IIIBlizzard Entertainment2012 -France
Divinity AnthologyLarian Studios2012 -France
Divinity II : Ego DraconisLarian Studios2009 -France
Dungeon Siege : Legends of ArannaMad Doc Software2003 -France
Fable : The Lost ChaptersBig Blue Box2005 -France
Fallout 3Bethesda Softworks2008 -France
Final Fantasy XISquaresoft2002 -France
Final Fantasy XI : 2007 EditionSquare Enix2007 -France
Final Fantasy XIVSquare Enix2010 -France
Guild WarsArenaNet2005 -France
Guild Wars : Eye of the NorthArenaNet2007 -France
Guild Wars : FactionsArenaNet2006 -France
Lineage IINCSOFT2004 -France
Mass Effect TrilogyBioware2012 -France
NeverwinterCryptic Studios2013 -France
SpellForce 2 : Dragon StromEA Phenomic2007 -France
SpellForce : The Order of DawnEA Phenomic2003 -France
SpellForce : The breath of WinterEA Phenomic2004 -France
The Elder Scrolls III : MorrowindBethesda Softworks2002 -France
The Elder Scrolls OnlineZeniMax Online Studios2012 -France
Wasteland 2inXile Entertainment2013 -France
World of Warcraft : Wrath of the Lich KingBlizzard Entertainment2008 -France
Alundra 2Contrail2000 -France
Breath of Fire IIICapcom1998 -France
Final Fantasy Anthology [Pal]Squaresoft2002 -France
Final Fantasy IXSquaresoft2000 -France
Final Fantasy OriginsSquaresoft2003 -France
Final Fantasy VISquaresoft1999 -France
Final Fantasy VIISquaresoft1997 -France
Final Fantasy VIIISquaresoft1999 -France
Legend of LegaiaContrail2000 -France
Legend of ManaSquaresoft2000 -Japon
Parasite Eve 2Squaresoft1999 -France
SuikodenKonami1995 -France
Suikoden IIKonami2000 -France
Vagrant StorySquaresoft2000 -France
Wild ArmsMedia Vision1996 -France
XenogearsSquaresoft1998 -Japon
PlayStation 2
.Hack MUTATION Part 2CyberConnect22004 -France
Atelier Iris 2 : The Azoth Of DestinyGust2006 -France
Baldur's Gate : Dark Alliance IIBlack Isle Studios2004 -France
Castlevania : Curse of DarknessKonami2005 -France
Dark ChronicleLevel-52003 -France
Deus ExIon Storm2002 -France
Dirge Of Cerberus : Final Fantasy VIISquare Enix2006 -France
Dragon Quest VIIILevel-52006 -France
DrakengardCavia2004 -France
Eternal RingFrom Software2000 -France
Final Fantasy XSquaresoft2001 -France
Final Fantasy X-2Square Enix2003 -France
Final Fantasy XIISquare Enix2007 -France
Grandia IIGame Arts2002 -France
Kingdom Hearts 2Square Enix2006 -France
Le Seigneur des Anneaux : Le Tiers AgeRedwood Shores2004 -France
MagnacartaBanpresto2006 -France
Odin SphereVanillaware2007 -France
OkamiClover Studio2006 -France
Persona 3Atlus2006 -France
Persona 4Atlus2008 -France
Shin Megami Tensei III : Lucifer's CallAtlus2005 -France
Steambot ChroniclesIrem Software2005 -France
Suikoden IVKonami2005 -France
Suikoden VKonami2006 -France
SummonerVolition2001 -France
Tales of LegendiaNamco2006 -Japon
Unlimited SaGaSquaresoft2003 -France
Valkyrie Profile 2Tri-Ace2006 -France
Xenosaga IMonolith Software2002 -USA
Xenosaga IIMonolith Software2004 -France
Xenosaga IIIMonolith Software2006 -Japon
PlayStation 3
3D Dot Game HeroesSilicon Studio2009 -France
Alpha ProtocolObsidian Entertainment2010 -France
Ar Tonelico 3Gust2010 -France
Atelier RoronaGust2009 -France
Atelier Totori : Alchemist of Arland 2 Gust2010 -France
Borderlands Edition Game of the YearGearbox Software2010 -France
Dark SoulsFrom Software2011 -France
Dark Souls 2From Software2014 -France
Demon's SoulsFrom Software2009 -France
Deus Ex : Human RevolutionEidos Montreal2011 -France
Disgaea 3 : Absence of JusticeNippon Ichi2007 -France
Disgaea 4 : A Promise UnforgottenNippon Ichi2011 -France
Dragon Age 2BioWare2011 -France
Dragon Age : OriginsBioWare2009 -France
Dragon's DogmaCapcom2012 -France
Enchanted ArmsFrom Software2007 -France
Eternal SonataTri-Crescendo2008 -France
Fallout 3Bethesda Softworks2008 -France
Fallout : New VegasObsidian Entertainment2010 -France
Final Fantasy X X-2 HD RemasterSquare Enix2013 -France
Final Fantasy XIIISquare Enix2009 -France
Final Fantasy XIII 2Square Enix2011 -France
Final Fantasy XIVSquare Enix2013 -France
FolkloreGame Republic2007 -France
Game of ThronesCyanide2012 -France
Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2Compile Heart2011 -France
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD RemixSquare Enix2013 -France
Kingdoms of Amalur : Reckoning38 Studios2012 -France
Last RebellionHit Maker2010 -France
Le Seigneur des Anneaux : La Guerre du NordSnowblind Studios2011 -France
Lightning Returns : Final Fantasy XIIISquare Enix2012 -France
Mass Effect TrilogyBioware2012 -France
Mugen Souls ZCompile Heart2013 -France
Ni no Kuni : Wrath of the White WitchLevel-52011 -France
NieRCavia2010 -France
Resonance of Fatetri-Ace2010 -France
Rise of the ArgonautsLiquid Entertainment2008 -France
Risen 2 : Dark WatersPiranha Bytes2011 -France
Risen 3 : Titan LordsPiranha Bytes2014 -France
Sacred 3 Deep Silver2013 -France
Star Ocean 4 : The Last HopeTri-Ace2010 -France
Tales of Graces FNamco Bandai2010 -France
Tales of Symphonia ChroniclesNamco Bandai2013 -France
Tales of XilliaNamco Bandai2011 -France
Tales of Xillia 2Namco Bandai2012 -France
The Elder Scrolls IV : OblivionBethesda Softworks2007 -France
The Elder Scrolls V : SkyrimBethesda Softworks2011 -France
The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim Legendary EditionBethesda Softworks2013 -France
The Witch and the Hundred CalvarymenNippon Ichi2013 -France
Trinity UniverseIdea Factory2009 -France
Two Worlds II : Velvet GOTY EditionReality Pump2011 -France
White Knight ChroniclesLevel-52008 -France
White Knight Chronicles 2Level-52010 -France
PlayStation 4
Anima : Gate of MemoriesAnima Games Studios2016 -France
ArcaniA : The Complete TaleSpellbound Entertainment2015 -France
Atelier SophieGust2015 -France
BloodborneFrom Software2015 -France
Bound by FlameSpiders2013 -France
Cat QuestThe Gentlebros2017 -France
Dark Souls 2 : Scholar of the First SinFrom Software2015 -France
Dark Souls 3From Software2016 -France
Deus Ex : Mankind DividedEidos Montreal2016 -France
Disgaea 5 : Alliance of VengeanceNippon Ichi2015 -France
Divinity : Original Sin Enhanced EditionLarian Studios2015 -France
Dragon Age : InquisitionBioWare2014 -France
Fallout 4Bethesda Softworks2015 -France
Final Fantasy Type 0 HDSquare Enix2015 -France
Final Fantasy XVSquare Enix2016 15/20France
LORDS of the FALLENCity Interactive2014 -France
Risen 3 : Titan Lords Enhanced EditionPiranha Bytes2015 -France
Star Ocean 5 : Integrity and FaithlessnessTri-Ace2016 4/20France
Tales of ZestiriaBandai Namco2015 -France
The Elder Scrolls OnlineZeniMax Online Studios2014 -France
The TechnomancerSpiders2016 -France
The Witcher 3 : Wild HuntCD Projekt RED2015 -France
World of Final FantasySquare Enix2016 -France
Breath of Fire IIICapcom2006 -France
Castlevania : The Dracula X ChroniclesKonami2007 -France
Crisis Core : Final Fantasy VIISquare Enix2007 -France
Fate ExtraImageepoch2010 -France
Final Fantasy : Anniversary EditionSquare Enix2007 -France
Final Fantasy IV Complete CollectionSquare Enix2011 -France
Final Fantasy Tactics : The Lion WarSquare Enix2007 -France
Final Fantasy Type 0Square Enix2011 -Japon
Kingdom Hearts : Birth by SleepSquare Enix2010 -France
Lord of ArcanaSquare Enix2010 -France
Monster Hunter Freedom 2Capcom2007 -France
Persona 2 : Innocent SinAtlus2011 -France
Phantasy Star PortableAlfa System2008 -France
Phantasy Star Portable 2Sega2009 -France
Star Ocean : First DepartureTri-Ace2008 -France
Tactics Ogre : Unmei no WaSquare Enix2010 -France
Tales of EterniaNamco Tales Studio2006 -France
The 3rd BirthdaySquare Enix2010 -France
Valhalla KnightsMarvelous Interactive2007 -France
Valkyria Chronicles IISega2010 -France
Valkyrie ProfileTri-Ace2006 -France
White Knight Chronicles : Dogma WarsSony2011 -France
Ys 6 : The Ark of Napishtim Falcom2006 -France
PS Vita
Borderlands 2Gearbox Software2014 -France
Disgaea 4 : A Promise RevisitedNippon Ichi2014 -France
Dragon's CrownVanillaware2012 -France
Dungeon Hunter : AllianceGameloft2011 -France
Final Fantasy X X-2 HD RemasterSquare Enix2013 -France
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re:Birth 2Felistella2014 -France
Muramasa : The Demon BladeVanillaware2013 -USA
Natural DoctrineKadokawa Games2014 -France
Persona 4 The GoldenAtlus2012 -France
Phantasy Star NovaTri-Ace2014 -Japon
Sorcery Saga : Curse of the Great Curry GodZeroDiv2013 -USA
Soul SacrificeMarvelous AQL2013 -France
Sword Art Online : Hollow RealizationAquria2016 -France
Tales of Hearts RNamco Bandai2013 -France
The Legend of Heroes : Trails of Cold SteelFalcom2012 -France
Tokyo Twilight Ghost HuntersToybox Games2014 -France
Trillion : God of DestructionCompile Heart2015 -France
World of Final FantasySquare Enix2016 -France
Ys : Memories of CelcetaFalcom2012 -France
Dark SaviorClimax Entertainment1997 -France
Dragon ForceWorking Designs1997 -France
Panzer Dragoon SagaTeam Andromeda1998 -France
Shining Force III Scenario 1Camelot1998 -France
Shining WisdomSonic Software Planning1995 -France
Shining the Holy ArkSonic Software Planning1997 -France
The Story of Thor 2Ancient1996 -France
Final Fantasy IVSquaresoft1991 -Japon
Final Fantasy VSquaresoft1992 -Japon
Final Fantasy VISquaresoft1994 -Japon
Illusion of TimeQuintet1995 -France
Secret of ManaSquaresoft1993 -France
Zelda : A Link To The PastNintendo1991 -France
Dragon Quest SwordsSquare Enix2007 -France
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles : Echoes of TimeSquare Enix2009 -France
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles : The Crystal Bea ...Square Enix2009 -France
Harvest Moon : L'arbre de la SereniteMarvelous Interactive2007 -France
Marvel : Ultimate Alliance 2Vicarious Visions2009 -France
Marvel Ultimate AllianceRaven Software2006 -France
Monster Hunter 3Capcom2009 -France
Spectrobes : OriginesGenki2009 -France
Tales of Symphonia : Dawn of the New WorldNamco Bandai2008 -France
The Legend of Zelda : Skyward SwordNintendo2011 -France
XenobladeMonolith Software2010 -France
Zelda : Twilight PrincessNintendo2006 -France
Wii U
Darksiders 2Vigil Games2012 -France
Deus Ex : Human Revolution Director's CutEidos Montreal2013 -France
The Legend of Zelda : The Wind Waker HDNintendo2013 -France
The Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess HDTantalus2016 -France
Xenoblade Chronicles XMonolith Software2015 -France
XBox 360
ArcaniA : Gothic 4Spellbound Entertainment2010 -France
Blue DragonArtoon2007 -France
DARKRealmforge2013 -France
DarksidersVigil Games2010 -France
Divinity II : Ego DraconisLarian Studios2009 -France
Dungeon Siege 3Obsidian Entertainment2011 -France
Eternal SonataTri-Crescendo2007 -France
Fable 2Lionhead Studios2008 -France
Fable 3Lionhead Studios2010 -France
Infinite UndiscoveryTri-Ace2008 -France
Kingdom Under Fire : Circle of DoomBLUESIDE2008 -France
Le Seigneur des Anneaux : La Guerre du NordSnowblind Studios2011 -France
Lost OdysseyMistwalker2007 -France
Mass EffectBioware2007 -France
Mass Effect 2Bioware2010 -France
Mass Effect 3BioWare2012 -France
Phantasy Star UniverseSonic Team2006 -France
Resonance of Fatetri-Ace2009 -France
RisenPiranha Bytes2009 -France
Star Ocean 4 : The Last HopeTri-Ace2009 -France
Tales of VesperiaNamco Bandai2008 -France
The Last RemnantSquare Enix2008 -France
The Witcher 2 : Assassins of KingsCD Projekt RED2012 -France
Too HumanSilicon Knights2008 -France
Two WorldsReality Pump 2007 -France
VeneticaDeck13 Interactive2010 -France
Deus Ex : Invisible WarIon Storm2003 -France
EnclaveStarbreeze Studios2002 -France
FableBig Blue Box2004 -France
Fable : The Lost ChaptersBig Blue Box2005 -France
GladiusLucasArts2003 -France
Le Seigneur des Anneaux : Le Tiers AgeRedwood Shores2004 -France
Star Wars : Knights of the Old RepublicBioware2003 -France
Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic II The Sit ...Obsidian Entertainment2005 -France
SudekiClimax Entertainment2004 -France
The Elder Scrolls III : MorrowindBethesda Softworks2002 -France
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