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Avalon CodeMatrix Software2008 -France
Children of ManaSquare Enix2006 -France
Chrono Trigger DSSquare Enix2008 -USA
Dragon Quest IVSquare Enix2008 -France
Dragon Quest IXSquare Enix2009 -France
Dragon Quest Monsters JSquare Enix2006 -France
Dragon Quest VSquare Enix2008 -France
Dragon Quest VISquare Enix2010 -USA
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles : Echoes of TimeSquare Enix2009 -France
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles : Ring of FatesSquare Enix2007 -France
Final Fantasy IIISquare Enix2006 -France
Final Fantasy IVSquare Enix2007 -France
Final Fantasy Tactics A2 : Grimoire of the RiftSquare Enix2007 -France
Final Fantasy XII Revenant WingsSquare Enix2007 -France
Golden Sun : Dark DawnCamelot2009 -France
Kingdom Hearts : 358 2 DaysH.a.n.d.2009 -France
Kingdom Hearts Re : codedSquare Enix2011 14/20France
NostalgiaMatrix Software2008 -USA
Puzzle Quest 2Infinite Interactive2010 -France
Puzzle Quest : Challenge of the WarlordsInfinite Interactive2007 -France
Radiant HistoriaAtlus2010 16/20USA
Ragnarok DSGravity Corporation2008 -USA
RhapsodyNippon Ichi2008 11/20France
SolatoroboCyberConnect22010 15/20France
Sonic Chronicles : La Confrerie des TenebresBioware2008 -France
Suikoden TierkreisKonami2009 -France
The World Ends With YouJupiter2008 -France
Zelda : Phantom HourglassNintendo2007 -France
Zelda : Spirit TracksNintendo2009 -France
Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceSquare Enix2003 -France
Final Fantasy VI AdvanceSquare Enix2006 -France
Golden SunCamelot2002 -France
Golden Sun 2Camelot2003 -France
Kingdom Hearts : CoMJupiter2005 -France
Mario and Luigi : Superstar SagaNintendo2003 -France
Sword of ManaBrownie Brown2004 -France
The Legend of ZeldaNintendo2004 -France
Zelda : A Link To The PastCapcom2003 -France
Zelda : The Minish CapCapcom2004 -France
Zelda II : The Adventure of LinkNintendo2004 -France
Game Cube
Baten KaitosMonolith Software2005 -France
Final Fantasy Crystal ChroniclesDesigners Studio2004 -France
Les Royaumes Perdus 2From Software2003 -France
Tales of SymphoniaNamco2004 -France
Zelda : Bonus DiscNintendo2003 -France
Zelda : Edition CollectorNintendo2003 -France
Zelda : The Wind WakerNintendo2003 -France
Fate Grand OrderDelightworks2015 -USA
Sword Art Online : Memory DefragWright Flyer Studios2016 -France
Tales of the RaysBandai Namco2017 -France
Bravely Default : For the SequelSilicon Studio2013 14/20France
Bravely SecondSilicon Studio2015 18/20France
Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten KnightsKonami2011 10/20France
Dragon Ball FusionsBandai Namco2016 18/20France
Ever OasisGrezzo2017 14/20France
Fantasy LifeBrownie Brown2012 -France
Final Fantasy ExplorersSquare Enix2014 14/20France
Fire Emblem : AwakeningIntelligent Systems2012 -France
Heroes of Ruinn-Space2012 13/20France
Kingdom Hearts 3DSquare Enix2012 -France
Mario and Luigi : Dream TeamNintendo2013 -France
Mario and Luigi : Paper Jam BrosNintendo2015 17/20France
Monster Hunter 4 UltimateCapcom2014 -France
Monster Hunter GenerationsFrom Software2015 -France
Paper Mario 3DSNintendo2012 -France
Pokemon SoleilGame Freak2016 17/20France
Pokemon YGame Freak2013 -France
Shin Megami Tensei IV : FinalAtlus2016 -France
Tales of the AbyssNamco Bandai2011 -France
The Legend of LegacyCattle Call2015 14/20France
The Legend of Zelda : A Link Between WorldsNintendo2013 -France
The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time 3DNintendo2011 17/20France
Nintendo 64
Zelda : Majora's MaskNintendo2000 -France
Zelda : Ocarina of TimeNintendo1998 -France
Cosmic Star HeroineZeboyd Games2017 -France
Monster Hunter Stories 2Capcom2021 -France
Breath of Fire IIICapcom1998 -France
Breath of Fire IVCapcom2001 -France
Chrono CrossSquaresoft2000 -USA
Chrono TriggerSquaresoft2001 -USA
Final FantasySquaresoft2003 -France
Final Fantasy IISquaresoft2003 -France
Final Fantasy IVSquaresoft1997 -France
Final Fantasy IXSquaresoft2000 -France
Final Fantasy VSquaresoft2003 -France
Final Fantasy VISquaresoft1999 -France
Final Fantasy VIISquaresoft1997 -France
Final Fantasy VIIISquaresoft1999 -France
GrandiaGame Arts2000 -France
Jade CocoonGenki1999 -France
Legend of DragoonSony2001 -France
Legend of LegaiaContrail2000 -France
Star Ocean 2 : The Second Storytri-Ace2000 -France
SuikodenKonami1995 -France
Suikoden IIKonami2000 -France
Vagrant StorySquaresoft2000 -France
Wild ArmsMedia Vision1996 -France
Wild Arms 2Contrail2000 -USA
PlayStation 2
.Hack INFECTION Part 1CyberConnect22004 11/20France
.Hack MUTATION Part 2CyberConnect22004 12/20France
.Hack OUTBREAK Part 3CyberConnect22004 12/20France
.Hack QUARANTINE Part 4CyberConnect22004 13/20France
Arc : le Clan des DeimosCattle Call2004 -France
Breath of Fire VCapcom2003 -France
Dark ChronicleLevel-52003 -France
Dark CloudLevel-52001 -France
Devil Summoner : Raidou KuzunohaAtlus2006 -France
Digital Devil SagaAtlus2005 -France
Digital Devil Saga 2Atlus2005 -France
Dragon Quest VIIILevel-52006 16/20France
DrakengardCavia2004 -France
Drakengard 2Cavia2006 16/20France
Final Fantasy XSquaresoft2001 19/20France
Final Fantasy X-2Square Enix2003 -France
Final Fantasy XIISquare Enix2007 -France
Grandia IIIGame Arts2006 -USA
Kingdom HeartsSquaresoft2002 -France
Kingdom Hearts 2Square Enix2006 19/20France
Kingdom Hearts Re : Chain of MemoriesSquare Enix2008 -USA
Odin SphereVanillaware2007 -France
Persona 3Atlus2006 -France
Persona 4Atlus2008 -France
Radiata StoriesTri-Ace2005 -USA
Rogue GalaxyLevel-52007 -France
Shadow HeartsSacnoth2001 16/20France
Shadow Hearts 2Nautilus2004 19/20France
Shadow Hearts 3Nautilus2005 16/20France
Shin Megami Tensei III : Lucifer's CallAtlus2005 -France
Star Ocean 3Square Enix2004 18/20France
Suikoden IVKonami2005 -France
Suikoden VKonami2006 -France
Wild Arms 3Media Vision2002 -France
Wild Arms 4Media Vision2005 -France
Wild Arms 5Media Vision2006 -France
PlayStation 3
Atelier RoronaGust2009 15/20France
Atelier Totori : Alchemist of Arland 2 Gust2010 15/20France
Costume Quest 2Double Fine2014 -France
DarksidersVigil Games2010 -France
Deus Ex : Human RevolutionEidos Montreal2011 -France
Dragon's CrownVanillaware2012 -France
Dragon's DogmaCapcom2012 16/20France
Enchanted ArmsFrom Software2007 -France
Eternal SonataTri-Crescendo2008 14/20USA
Final Fantasy X X-2 HD RemasterSquare Enix2013 -France
Final Fantasy XIIISquare Enix2009 -France
Final Fantasy XIII 2Square Enix2011 13/20France
FolkloreGame Republic2007 -France
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD RemixSquare Enix2013 -France
Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD RemixSquare Enix2014 -France
Kingdoms of Amalur : Reckoning38 Studios2012 -France
Le Seigneur des Anneaux : La Guerre du NordSnowblind Studios2011 13/20France
Lightning Returns : Final Fantasy XIIISquare Enix2012 15/20France
Ni no Kuni : Wrath of the White WitchLevel-52011 -France
South Park : The Stick of TruthObsidian Entertainment2014 16/20France
Super Dimension Game NeptuneCompile Heart2010 10/20France
TRINITY : Souls of Zill O'llOmega Force2010 17/20France
Tales of Graces FNamco Bandai2010 -France
Tales of XilliaNamco Bandai2011 -France
Tales of Xillia 2Namco Bandai2012 -France
The Legend of Heroes : Trails of Cold SteelFalcom2013 17/20France
The Legend of Heroes : Trails of Cold Steel IIFalcom2014 -France
TokitowaImageepoch2012 -France
Valkyria ChroniclesSega2008 -France
White Knight ChroniclesLevel-52008 -France
White Knight Chronicles 2Level-52010 -France
PlayStation 4
.hack G.U. Last RecodeCyberConnect22017 -France
Assassin's Creed ValhallaUbisoft2020 17/20France
Astria AscendingArtisan Studios2021 -France
Atelier RyzaGust2019 18/20France
Atelier Ryza 2Gust2021 -France
Atelier Ryza 3Gust2022 19/20France
Atelier SophieGust2015 16/20France
Azur Lane : CrosswaveFelistella2019 -France
BiomutantExperiment 1012021 16/20France
Blue ReflectionGust2017 -France
Bound by FlameSpiders2013 -France
Brave NeptuniaArtisan Studios2018 -France
Cat QuestThe Gentlebros2017 15/20France
Chrono Cross : The Radical Dreamers EditionSquare Enix2022 -France
Disco ElysiumZA UM2020 20/20France
Divinity : Original Sin IILarian Studios2018 -France
Dragon Age : InquisitionBioWare2014 -France
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2DIMPS2019 -France
Dragon Ball Z : KakarotCyberconnect22020 15/20France
Dragon Quest : HeroesOmega Force2015 -France
Dragon Quest XISquare Enix2017 -France
Fairy TailKoei Tecmo2020 -France
Fate Extella : The Umbral StarXSEED Games2016 -France
Final Fantasy Type 0 HDSquare Enix2015 -France
Final Fantasy VII RemakeSquare Enix2020 -France
Final Fantasy X X-2 HD RemasterSquare Enix2015 -France
Final Fantasy XII : The Zodiac AgeSquare Enix2017 -France
Final Fantasy XIVSquare Enix2013 -France
Final Fantasy XVSquare Enix2016 -France
Genshin ImpactHoYoverse2020 -France
Ghost of TsushimaSucker Punch Productions2020 -France
God of WarSanta Monica Studio2018 -France
God of War RagnarokSanta Monica Studio2021 -France
GreedFallSpiders2019 -France
Hogwarts LegacyAvalanche2020 -France
Horizon : Zero DawnGuerrilla2017 18/20France
Horizon Forbidden WestGuerrilla2020 18/20France
I Am SetsunaTokyo RPG Factory2016 13/20France
Immortals Fenyx RisingUbisoft2020 18/20France
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon : ...5pb2019 -France
Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter PrologueSquare Enix2017 -France
Kingdom Hearts IIISquare Enix2018 18/20France
Legend of ManaSquare Enix2021 17/20France
Les Royaumes d'Amalur : ReReckoningKaiko2020 -France
Little Witch Academia : Chamber of TimeAPlus Games2017 -France
Mass Effect : AndromedaBioWare2017 -France
Monster Hunter : WorldCapcom2018 18/20France
NEO : The World Ends With YouSquare Enix2020 16/20France
NeverwinterCryptic Studios2016 -France
Ni no Kuni II : Revenant KingdomLevel-52018 -France
NieR AutomataPlatinum Games2017 19/20France
NieR ReplicantSquare Enix2021 17/20France
Nights of AzureGust2015 18/20France
Nights of Azure 2 : Bride of the New MoonGust2017 -France
Octopath Traveler IISquare Enix2023 -France
Odin Sphere : LeifdrasirVanillaware2016 18/20France
Persona 5Atlus2016 17/20France
Star Ocean 5 : Integrity and FaithlessnessTri-Ace2016 12/20France
Sword Art Online : Alicization LycorisBandai Namco2020 16/20France
Sword Art Online : Fatal BulletDimps2018 15/20France
Sword Art Online : Hollow Realization Aquria2016 -France
Sword and Fairy 6Softstar Entertainment2019 17/20France
Tales of AriseBandai Namco2019 18/20France
Tales of BerseriaBandai Namco2016 17/20France
Tales of Vesperia : Definitive EditionBandai Namco2018 -France
Tales of ZestiriaBandai Namco2015 -France
The Elder Scrolls OnlineZeniMax Online Studios2014 -France
The Legend of Heroes : Trails of Cold Steel IIIFalcom2017 -France
The Legend of Heroes : Trails of Cold Steel IVFalcom2018 19/20France
The Witcher 3 : Wild HuntCD Projekt RED2015 -France
Thronebreaker : The Witcher TalesCD Projekt RED2018 18/20France
Trials of ManaSquare Enix2020 -France
World of Final FantasySquare Enix2016 -France
Xuan Yuan Sword VIISoftstar Entertainment2020 -France
Yakuza 7 : Like a DragonRyu ga Gotoku Studios2020 -France
Ys IX : Monstrum NoxFalcom2019 18/20France
Ys VIII : Lacrimosa of DanaFalcom2017 -France
PlayStation 5
Cyberpunk 2077CD Projekt RED2020 -France
Eiyuden Chronicle : Hundred HeroesRabbit and Bear Studios2022 -France
Final Fantasy VII RebirthSquare Enix2023 -France
Final Fantasy XVISquare Enix2020 -France
Like a Dragon : Infinite WealthRyu Ga Gotoku2024 -France
Sword and Fairy 7Softstar Entertainment2021 -France
Terra MemoriaLa Moutarde2023 -France
Brave StoryGame Republic2007 -USA
Crisis Core : Final Fantasy VIISquare Enix2007 -France
Fate ExtraImageepoch2010 14/20France
Final Fantasy : Anniversary EditionSquare Enix2007 -France
Final Fantasy II : Anniversary EditionSquare Enix2007 -France
GuruminFalcom2006 13/20France
Hexyz ForceSting Entertainment2009 15/20USA
Kingdom Hearts : Birth by SleepSquare Enix2010 17/20France
Lunar : Harmony of the Silver StarGame Arts2009 16/20USA
Puzzle ChroniclesInfinite Interactive2010 11/20France
Tales of EterniaNamco Tales Studio2006 16/20France
The Legend of Heroes III : Prophecy of the Moonlig ...Falcom2004 -USA
The Legend of Heroes IV : A Tear of VermillionFalcom2005 -USA
The Legend of Heroes VI : Trails in the SkyFalcom2006 -France
Valkyria Chronicles IISega2010 -France
White Knight Chronicles : Dogma WarsSony2011 13/20France
PS Vita
Destiny of SpiritsQ Entertainment2013 -France
God Eater ResurrectionBandai Namco2015 -France
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re:Birth 1Felistella2013 -France
Muramasa : The Demon BladeVanillaware2013 -USA
Ragnarok Odyssey AceGame Arts2013 -USA
Sword Art Online : Hollow FragmentAquria2014 16/20USA
Tales of Hearts RNamco Bandai2013 -France
ToukidenOmega Force2013 -France
Toukiden : KiwamiKoei Tecmo2014 -France
Ys : Memories of CelcetaFalcom2012 -France
Atelier Lydie and SoeurGust2017 -France
Bravely Default IISilicon Studio2020 16/20France
Dragon Quest XI SSquare Enix2018 -France
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Editio ...Square Enix2020 -France
Final Fantasy VIISquare Enix2019 -France
Final Fantasy VIII RemasteredSquare Enix2019 -France
Fire Emblem : Three HousesIntelligent Systems2019 18/20France
Fire Emblem WarriorsKoei Tecmo2017 -France
Gems of War Infinity Plus 22019 -France
Grandia HD CollectionGame Arts2019 18/20France
Harvest Moon : Light of HopeNatsume2018 -France
Hyrule Warriors : L'Ere du FleauKoei Tecmo2020 -France
Mario X Rabbids : Kingdom BattleUbisoft2017 -France
Monster Hunter Stories 2Capcom2021 18/20France
Oceanhorn : Monster of Uncharted SeasCornfox and Brothers2017 -France
Octopath Traveler IISquare Enix2023 -France
Paper Mario : The Origami KingNintendo2020 -France
Pokemon VioletGame Freak2022 -France
Puzzle Quest : The Legend ReturnsInfinity Plus 22019 -France
Shin Megami Tensei VAtlus2021 -France
SteamWorld Quest : Hand of GilgamechImage and Form Games2019 -France
Super Dragon Ball Heroes : World Mission Dimps Corporation2019 -France
The Legend of Zelda : Tears of the KingdomNintendo2022 -France
The Snack World : Trejarers GoldLevel-52018 -France
The World Ends With You : Final RemixSquare Enix2018 -France
Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE EncoreAtlus2020 -France
Xenoblade Chronicles 2Monolith Software2017 -France
Zelda : Breath of the WildNintendo2017 19/20France
Arc Rise FantasiaImageepoch2009 14/20USA
Final Fantasy Fables : Chocobo DungeonSquare Enix2007 -France
Fragile Dreamstri-Crescendo2009 16/20France
OpoonaArtePiazza2007 -France
Pandora's TowerGanbarion2011 -France
Tales of Symphonia : Dawn of the New WorldNamco Bandai2008 15/20France
The Last StoryMistwalker2011 17/20France
The Legend of Zelda : Skyward SwordNintendo2011 18/20France
XenobladeMonolith Software2010 19/20France
Zelda : Twilight PrincessNintendo2006 -France
Wii U
Xenoblade Chronicles XMonolith Software2015 17/20France
XBox 360
Fable 2Lionhead Studios2008 -France
Infinite UndiscoveryTri-Ace2008 -France
Lost OdysseyMistwalker2007 -France
Magna Carta 2Softmax2009 -France
Mass EffectBioware2007 -France
NieRCavia2010 17/20France
Star Ocean 4 : The Last HopeTri-Ace2009 -France
Tales of VesperiaNamco Bandai2008 -France
The Last RemnantSquare Enix2008 -France
VeneticaDeck13 Interactive2010 -France
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